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Commercial Crime Services:
At the Forefront of the Fight Against Fraud

ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Based in the UK, CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime. It does this by:

  • Providing the corporate sector with the information and resources necessary to detect and prevent illegal activity in the global marketplace
  • Protecting its members from a wide range of crimes affecting modern business
  • Carrying out investigations where there is evidence or the suspicion of fraud
  • Assisting victims of fraud to recover their losses

The specialist divisions that comprise CCS offer a range of services dedicated to meeting the individual needs of their members. Together, they tackle all types of commercial crime, including malpractice and documentary fraud in international trade, insurance fraud, financial instrument fraud, money laundering, shipping fraud and product counterfeiting.

Members of CCS comprise companies engaged in international business, the legal profession and law enforcement, dealing with shipping, transport and trade, banking, insurance, intellectual property and information technology.

Over two decades, CCS has saved its members literally billions of dollars by alerting them to the threats and highlighting the preventative measures they can take to protect themselves. It has also succeeded in getting fraudsters brought to justice and has helped members recover many millions of dollars thought lost.

CCS also operates Fraudnet, a unique global network of law firms who specialise in tackling business crime.