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17-23 October 2006
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The Unique Role of CCS

Backed by the International Chamber of Commerce and two decades of solid achievement, CCS is uniquely positioned at the forefront of the global fight against commercial crime.

Our flexible structure is well placed to help companies and individuals find answers to the problems and uncertainties inherent in trading in a world in which frontiers and national jurisdictions often seem irrelevant.

Unencumbered by bureaucracy and able to swiftly respond to alerts anywhere in the world, CCS has a much greater reach than most organisations claiming to provide similar services. We are not-for-profit organisation and act on our own initiative. We need no go ahead from governments or law enforcement. And we have close links with other international organisations:

  • CCS has access to the expertise of ICC policy commissions dealing with banking, insurance, intellectual property, information technology, telecommunications, transport and trade facilitation.
  • CCS is able to draw on contacts from the global network of ICC National Committees for assistance with its work.
  • CCS has a memorandum of Understanding with the World Customs Organization
  • CCS enjoys the confidence of senior police and customs officers in many countries
  • CCS works with IMO, Interpol and many national governments

These factors, coupled with our highly trained investigators, the most modern research technology and a practical understanding of modern fraud techniques, make CCS your ideal business partner in the fight against commercial crime.