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Annual Workshops and Courses

CCS currently runs a number of annual courses focusing on specific areas of commercial crime including a briefing from :

"INTERNET INTELLIGENCE" - A three-day course at Cambridge University on How to use the Internet as an Effective Investigative Research Tool and talk by London based SEO company - 26-29 March 2015
ICC Commercial Crime Services have developed a three-day course to be held in state of the art computer facilities at Cambridge University which will provide delegates with:

  • An overview of the Internet and how it works
  • The ability to use the Internet in a more effective way as an open source/competitive intelligence tool
  • Advanced techniques to mine data using different search tools and uncover hidden information
  • Strategies for filtering, analysing and organising research data
  • An awareness of security and privacy issues including techniques to both hide and increase visibilities of sites

The course will be highly practical and interactive and is led by David Toddington, who is a leading expert with a wealth of experience in this field. It will be of interest to a range of different individuals, including:

  • Corporate security professionals in banks, insurers and multinationals
  • Fraud investigators, accountants, spy shops and analysts
  • Competitive intelligence researchers
  • Government and private sector investigators
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Knowledge workers and researchers

Each delegate will receive a 250-page comprehensive manual, as well as various shareware software applications, and a certificate of attendance.

Port State Control 26 March - 5 April 2014
Ten-day Port State Control courses are designed for shipping companies, port authorities and government departments involved in improving the quality of shipping. They aim to update delegates on the latest regulations from the International Maritime Organization, to look at how inspections are carried out and to examine the law as it relates to the detention of vessels under port state control.

ICC International Maritime Bureau
Annual IMB Trading Course
8-13 October 2006

The IMB Trading Course is in its 21st successive year and widely acknowledged for its unique and practical approach in identifying and tackling potential pitfalls faced by those involved in internationaltrade.

This fully residential intensive course has established itself as an essential date in the calendar of those responsible for managing and avoiding risk in today's trading environment. The course is designed for senior/middle managers in trading houses, banks, shipping companies,insurance companies with an interest in international trade.

Delegates will acquire an understanding of international trading problems including financing, insurance and shipping contracts. Recent developments will be analysed including a detailed examination of the manipulation of the documentary credit system, frauds, charterparty failure and cargoabandonment at intermediate ports.

The course is heavily based on real-life case studies and draws on the considerable expertise of the IMB in preventing international tradingproblems.

A Certificate of Qualification will be awarded at the conclusion of thecourse.